As the volume of data and number of users continue to grow in an OLTP environment, older technologies and infrastructure are unable to keep up with the increased demands. Upgrading to new technologies is not only necessary but also provides better performance for mission-critical applications.

Often, an upgrade can result in an infrastructure overhaul—involving servers, storage, switches and their relevant platforms. Dell EMC offers compelling end-to-end solutions for customers to incorporate new technologies and remain current. These solutions, based on Dell EMC’s 13th generation of servers and Dell EMC storage, help customers improve performance, lower the total cost of ownership, and accelerate time to value. Our recent addition to this end-to-end solution portfolio supports Microsoft SQL Server 2016 that offers a whole host of new capabilities. As quoted by Microsoft, SQL Server 2016 is “the biggest leap forward in Microsoft’s data platform history”.

To help customers upgrade to SQL Server 2016, the Dell EMC Enterprise Solutions team has conducted a study to evaluate the performance of SQL Server on Dell EMC infrastructure. This generational comparison study:

  • Describes the solution components.
  • Demonstrates performance improvements of the Dell EMC PowerEdge R730 infrastructure when compared to the Dell EMC PowerEdge R710 infrastructure.

This study concludes with a recommendation for upgrading to SQL Server 2016 by using the latest Dell EMC infrastructure.

When compared to PowerEdge R710 infrastructure, the PowerEdge R730 infrastructure:

  • Supports 2.7x transactions per second
  • Supports 4x active dataset
  • Supports 4x user load
  • Delivers 44% energy savings. Note that actual energy savings may vary.
  • Delivers 66-75% rack space savings