Today’s Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) based applications such as online reservations, stock market, and process control need real-time access to data. The traditional disk-based OLTP systems cannot keep up with the requirements of today’s applications, therefore, there is a continuous requirement for alternate low- cost OLTP systems that can deliver higher throughput at lower latency.

 By leveraging the modern hardware trends and recent technology advancements, many of the software vendors  introduced several In-Memory OLTP systems to the market. SQL Server 2014 In-Memory database is one such product from Microsoft®. It is a high performance OLTP database engine that is designed and optimized for processing  In-Memory data.

 This technical white paper will explore the Microsoft SQL server 2014 In-Memory database feature and showcase the performance benefits that can be achieved by deploying it on the Dell PowerEdge R920 server and NVMe-based PCIe flash drives. You are presented with guidelines and best practices for configuring SQL Server 2014 In-Memory databases and the test results that were conducted at Dell Labs.