Posted on behalf of: Mayura Deshmukh

The performance and stability of any data warehouse solution is based on the integration between solution design and hardware platform. Choosing the correct solution architecture requires balancing the application’s intended purpose and expected use with the hardware platform’s components. Poor planning, bad design, and misconfigured or improperly sized hardware often lead to increased costs, increased risks and, even worse, unsuccessful projects.

This white paper provides guidelines to achieve a compact, balanced, optimized 12TB Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 data warehouse configuration for Dell™ PowerEdge™ R720 and R720xd servers using Microsoft Fast Track Data Warehouse (FTDW) principles. Benefits of implementing this reference architecture include:

  • Achieve a balanced and optimized system at all levels of the stack by following hardware and software best practices.
  • Avoid over-provisioning hardware resources to reduce costs.
  • Implement a tested and validated configuration with proven methodologies and performance behaviors to help avoid the pitfalls of improperly designed and configured systems.
  • Easily migrate from a small- to medium-sized data warehouse configuration (5TB) to a large data warehouse configuration (12TB).

Data center space comes at a premium. This configuration provides a compact, high-performance solution for large data warehouses with 12TB of data or more.