Organizations of every type and size know that security of data is critical to the continued success and operation of their business. Choosing the right data protection methodology and then implementing it using industry best practices and best-of-breed hardware and software ensures not only the security of valuable data, but also ready availability of the backed up data for fast recovery in the event of a loss or system failure. By utilizing the proven and dependable Dell NetVault Backup software, coupled with the Dell PowerVault

TM MD3260 drive array, an administrator can create a high-performance disk-to-disk backup solution for all data backup and restore needs within their data center.

Administrators consider several key points when designing a data protection solution. These can include the ability to operate in a heterogeneous environment, the compression rate of data that can be expected, and the overall storage capacity that should be deployed to ensure the backup is successful. Although many solutions can provide answers to these questions, the determining factors are almost always related to ease of setup, ease of use, and ease of maintenance. Addressing these requirements ensures that a backup solution will be properly utilized.

The backup and recovery solution described in this paper meets all these criteria. This paper is intended to show the process used to backup and easily restore SQL Server and Oracle databases using a combination of Dell NetVault Backup software, the Dell PowerVault MD3260 storage array, and the Dell PowerEdgeTM R620 rackmount server.

NetVault Backup offers online backups and recovery of various environments ranging from file systems in Windows®, UNIX® or Linux environments to databases such as Microsoft SQL Server® and Oracle Database running on Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating systems. NetVault includes a console for managing data protection operations. It allows the administrator to protect complete instances or individual databases, making it easier to perform restore operations both at the instance and database levels. The Dell PowerEdge R620 server and PowerVault MD3260 storage provide a robust platform to serve as the center of data protection operations. With up to 60 2.5" and 3.5" disks in a single 4U drawer, the PowerVault MD3260 storage array gives the data protection administrator tremendous storage capacity to back up their SQL Server and Oracle database systems.