OnLine Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems power Business Intelligence (BI) applications such as trend analysis, forecasting, analytics etc. Typical OLAP systems require higher host processing, huge storage capacities and higher storage throughput capabilities. Hence it is very essential that there is a balanced approach where server computing power is matched and complemented by storage bandwidth and processing capabilities.

Dell recently introduced 12th generation 4 socket PowerEdge R920 and Compellent Flash Optimized storage solutions. This power packed PowerEdge R920 is perfect fit for OLAP that can satisfy business requirements. Dell Compellent innovative Flash Optimized storage changes the dynamics of flash storage – that offers flash at the price of HDD. PowerEdge R920 coupled with Compellent Flash optimized storage is the most viable solution for OLAP deployments.

The solution discussed in this paper describes an OLAP workload scenario and provides guidance in building reference architecture. This paper calls out the benefits of using PowerEdge R920 and Dell Compellent storage.

The key results of this white paper are included below:

  • Delivers up to 2 times the MBPS compared to HDD configuration similar in cost
  • Query Response Time is 50% less compared to the HDD configuration similar in cost
  • Cost reduction per MBPS
  • Delivers linear scalable throughput