Executive Summary

Upgrading legacy IT infrastructure is a major cause of concern for many organizations today. There is a requirement to efficiently assess new technologies in terms of performance, energy-efficiency, high-availability, etc, and then choose the right infrastructure for the upgrade process. However, this crucial operation invites a lot of risks and application downtime. At the same time, this upgrade process can have a significant impact on cost reduction and increased productivity.

The Dell enterprise portfolio is evolving as a benchmark in terms of performance, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency.

This white paper helps you to migrate and consolidate your legacy Oracale® database infrastructure to the latest Oracle database running on Dell infrastructure.

This white paper addresses all the challenges that can be faced by an organization seeking to migrate its legacy Oracle database. The Dell Solutions Engineering team has devised an optimum solution that helps to reduce database downtime efficiently while completing the migration and consolidation operation.

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Manjunatha Reddy MC

Mahesh Reddy

Dell Oracle Database Solutions Engineering