The Dell Oracle Deployment Tar Gunzip release assists in the deployment of Oracle on Dell Tested and Validated Configurations. Once the tar file has been unarchived, there will be a number of RPMs that are located in the resulting directory that will need dependency resolution as well as some pre-requisites in place that will be documented in the README file which is also found in the previously mentioned directory.

To unarchive the file, execute the following command:

tar -zxvf dell-oracle-deployment-EL6-12cR1-2014.02-2.tar.gz

The resulting directory will be entitled dell-oracle-deployment-2014.02-2.el6.noarch and the README found within the newly created directory will provide the information needed to successfully deploy.

Files Contained:

  • dell-oracle-rdbms-server-12cR1-preinstall-1.0-12.el6.x86_64.rpm
  • dell-oracle-utilities-2014.02-2.el6.noarch.rpm
  • dell-oracle-utilities-2014.02-2.el6.src.rpm

Getting Started Guides:

Deployment RPM: