The Dell Oracle Deployment Tar Gunzip release assists in the deployment of Oracle on Dell Tested and Validated Configurations. Once the tar file has been unarchived, there will be a number of RPMs that are located in the resulting directory that will need dependency resolution as well as some pre-requisitions in place that will be documented in the README file which is also found in the previously mentioned directory.

 To unarchive the file, execute the following command:

tar -zxvf Dell-Oracle-Deployment-Lin-EL6-2013-04.tar.gz

The resulting directory will be entitled Dell-Oracle-Deployment-Lin-EL6-2013-4 and the README found within the newly created directory will provide the information needed to successfully deploy.


Dell Oracle Deployment Quick Start Guide

For information on 'How to install Oracle 11g R2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6/Oracle Linux 6?' please visit wiki article:

Dell-Validated Components, Solutions Deliverable List

 For a complete listing of all the Validated Components supported for this release, please visit our Solutions Deliverable List (SDL) at: