Near zero downtime Oracle database migration to Dell PowerEdge 12th Generation servers and Dell Compellent storage systems

(Wendy Chen and Vinod Emmanuel) – This is a 20 minutes presentation in the Intel Booth at the Open World 2012 conference.  Migrating Oracle databases presents many unique challenges for IT administrators; such as the complexity, data integrity requirements, and 24x7 availability requirements of critical database applications.  To address these challenges, Dell offers a near zero downtime migration strategy, which can help customers move Oracle databases into a new infrastructure with near zero downtime impact.  This methodology has been proven to be reliable and repeatable with the adoption by Dell IT for a large scale Oracle database migration project.  This methodology brings out the best of Dell Compellent storage features like thin provisioning and a well-tested reference architecture using the latest generation Dell PowerEdge servers.  The presentation was a great promotion of Dell’s new products with 3 full slides dedicated for the Dell 12th Generation PowerEdge servers and the latest release of Dell Compellent storage systems.  The presentation drew a large crowd of audiences.  Speakers invited the audiences to visit the Dell booth to obtain further information.