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Dell Oracle Deployment Tar Gunzip - Version: Lin-2013-01


The Dell Oracle Deployment Tar Gunzip release assists in the deployment of Oracle on Dell Tested and Validated Configurations. Once the tar file has been unarchived, there will be a number of RPMs that are located in the resulting directory that will need dependency resolution as well as some pre-requisitions in place that will be documented in the README file which is also found in the previously mentioned directory.

 To unarchive the file, execute the following command:

tar -zxvf Dell-Oracle-Deployment-Lin-2013-01.tar.gz

The resulting directory will be entitled Dell-Oracle-Deployment-Lin-2013-01 and the README found within the newly created directory will provide the information needed to successfully deploy.


afe57240809f032513a7a2b944ecca2f Dell-Oracle-Deployment-Lin-2013-01.tar.gz

Dell Oracle Deployment Quick Start Guide

For information on 'How to install Oracle 11g R2?' please visit wiki article:

Dell-Validated Components, Solutions Deliverable List

 For a complete listing of all the Validated Components supported for this release, please visit our Solutions Deliverable List (SDL) at:

Dell-Oracle-Deployment Solutions Deliverable List Lin-2012-07

  • Dell Oracle Deployment Tar Gunzip - Version: Lin-2013-01

    It appears that the Dell-Oracle-Deployment-Lin-2012-07.tar.gz is bad.  The md5sum does not match and "tar -zxvf Dell-Oracle-Deployment-Lin-2012-07.tar.gz" does not work....


  • Dell Oracle Deployment Tar Gunzip - Version: Lin-2013-01

    Hello Jellesm,

    Thanks for the heads up, I've reuploaded the file and confirmed that the file is working properly.