Executive summary

This white paper quantifies the advantages of consolidating Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) workloads on to a single Dell PowerEdge R720xd server. It provides measured results that compare the performance and power efficiency of the R720xd-based solution to a legacy Storage Area Network environment comprised of Dell|EMC storage arrays, a database server, and associated Fibre Channel switches. It demonstrates that a single instance of a SAS-based R720xd solution can match the performance of the entire legacy SAN running an OLTP environment, while an SSD based R720xd solution can outperform the legacy SAN by 86% percent. It delivers this performance with just one processor socket populated and by consuming 87% less power. The R720xd solution utilizes just 2U of rack space and is also more cost-effective, both in terms of hardware and total cost of ownership.

For more details, please download the whitepaper using the above link.