Update 1/28/2013: The Dell_11gR2_RAC_RHEL6_ALPHA.tar.gz has been updated to the latest version. Please use this file in relation to the original engineering preview posted by Adam Miller. To ensure you are always running the latest Dell-Oracle-Deployment tar, please visit: 


Original Post:

The following is Engineering Documentation provided by Dell and is a technology preview only. At this time the following configuration is not supported by Dell, Red Hat, or Oracle. The contents of this gzip'd TAR archive are for engineering demonstration purposes only.

tar -zxvf Dell_11gR2_RAC_RHEL6_ALPHA.tar.gz

The resulting directory will be entitled Dell_11gR2_RAC_RHEL6_ALPHA and the README found within the newly created directory will provide the information needed to successfully deploy.

This file upload is in relation to this engineering preview


6c9059463c89f625fc1b647d18fa5412  Dell_11gR2_RAC_RHEL6_ALPHA.tar.gz

Update 1/28/2013: 

f2632b2fa8df7a8d3e3fcfe20970fc47 Dell-Oracle-Deployment-Lin-EL6-2013-01.tar.gz