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Problem configuring Receiver 4.4 on Windows Embedded with WCM

Problem configuring Receiver 4.4 on Windows Embedded with WCM

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    Good afternoon chaps,

    We have some Thin Clients on the bench in the lab for testing. They're Dell\Wyse D90D7's or 5010's, same thing, running Windows Embedded 7 Standard.

    We're almost there with regards to configuration. We'd like to have them boot straight past the Embedded OS and load Citrix in appliance mode. Unfortunately i cant seem to get the Account to load properly.

    We're using Wyse Configuration Manager v1.5 to create config files that are pushed out from the WDM server. There are options for the type of connection to Citrix; XenApp, XenDesktop, Storefront and Gateway. I have attached a screenshot of the WCM options.

    In summary:

    Choosing Storefront or Gateway, and entering the FQDN of the SF server or the FQDN of the NS yields the same result. An error comes up stating "Cannot connect to DWCM-Citrix" (DWCM-Citrix is the name the account is given when setup from the config file.

    Entering either of the FQDN's manually on Receiver works fine, for both SF and NS.

    The end goal is to have users log in to the Windows Embedded device which runs Citrix Receiver in appliance mode, with SSO, so user get passed straight over to their relative sessions.

    Is there any other way to set the accounts in Receiver for all users? These Thin Clients have a Write Filter so any changes made will need to be done by the local admin account. So i'm thinking it's likely to be a registry setting of some sort.

    Does anyone have any experience with setting up Receiver from WCM?

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi all,

    For anyone else having problems configuring Citrix using WDM here is where i was going wrong:

    The "Citrix Server FQDN or IP address" should not contain https://. It should be the address only, for example "".

    The "Store Name" is not the name of the store in Studio. It is the part in the Storefront URL that comes after /Citrix/. For instance, if the SF URL is then the "Store Name" in WDM would be ABCD.

    These settings seem to be about forming a URL.

    Once these changes were made the thin clients behaved as expected, logging straight in to Citrix in appliance mode, with SSO.

    Hope this helps! 

  • Thank you for the information.

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links: