I create a image on USB keys a few years ago that work great.  Now I just created a new set of USB keys for a new batch of D90D7's and having 2 issues with them. 

The first is was the we can appear to join the domain just fine but can log on when looking can see the unit does not join fully.  (Domain Administer User is SID and not "Admin User"), we can remove the client from the domain, wait a few hours and then it will reconnect.

The 2nd issue, is that it appears that the image when re-flashed to the unit does not seem to fully flash the unit, it just appears to be.  I have tried with write filter on and off, no difference.


Take image of original, make changes to images, save pre sysprep image, run sysprep, pull image, and the push the image.   All the steps appear to finish correctly.

Any assistance would be appreaciated.