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WSE8 5020 / Camera Redirection / Skype

WSE8 5020 / Camera Redirection / Skype

  • Hello, We are trying to allow the redirection – integration of the USB devices connected to a Wyse Terminal – Embedded Windows 8 to a VDI machine hosted on vWorkspace 8.5. The WebCam is successfully detected into the Imaging Devices/ Device Manager, but unable to share it / use it inside the vWorkspace.

    The purpsose of this is as we are rolling out Lync/ Skype for Business and majority of our users are using vWorkspace VDI, we have to get the WebCam / Mic / Headset to work in a VDI environment.

    Any help please?


  • Hi, we have the same issue. Did you manage to fix this, usb webcam redirection.

    Plz let me know if you manage to do. 


  • Hi,

    I have the same issue....

    Thinclient is a wyse 3030 and vworkspace is 8.6.3

    Any help would be appreciate...