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Flash Module Upgrades on Z90SW

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So my company is about to upgrade pretty old Wyse Thin Clients, Z90SW. We have the WES7 Conversion Kits for 50+ of the thin clients, but only received one software disk for all of them. Of course, once I try to follow the steps of the WES7 Conversion, the one software file I need in the Z90D_S 4GB_8GB WES7 Conversion Image folder can't be copied off the CD. I receive the error when trying to copy par1.img. "Can't read the source file or disk" is the error that occurs. So I believe that the specific file is corrupted. I've been searching online for the specific img file, but was unable to find it. Does anyone have a link to the flash conversion file or does anyone have any other solutions for this issue?

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