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Dell Wyse Thin cliient Monitor Flickering Issue

Dell Wyse Thin cliient Monitor Flickering Issue

  • Hi all,

     In My office we implemented thin client systems. But in 25 systems we are facing screen flickering issues constantly. May i know what would be the reason for this issue? cross checked vga cable and power cables.its working fine only. Kindly help me on this issue.

  • Kartthik93,

    One thing that helps to provide possible solutions is by providing as much information as possible. Not all thin clients are equal, since they can use different hardware, OS, etc.,  so I'm going to make a recommendation based on the provided information.

    Looks like you are using VGA monitors, so depending on the thin clients, you may be using a DVI to VGA adapter. Verify that these adapters are the ones included with the thin clients. also verify that the cables and adapters are screwed in, not just pushed in.

    You may want to contact our technical support group at 1-800-800-9973 option4 for further assistance.

    Roger Montalvo

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