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Install SSD inside Z90Q7P

  • Hi, 

    I have a SSD that I like to try to install inside a Z90Q7P.   On Z90Q7P's motherboard, I can see the place to plug in the mSATA cable but I don't see where to plug the power cable to.  Anyone know where or how to plug mSATA power cable on Z90Q7P's motherboard?



  • Douglas,

    The internals SSD requires a custom cable and a bracket inside the TC. These are normally factory installed options. Contact you sales rep for more details.

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links:

  • Hi both,

    I want to do the same.

    Given your response was unhelpful, where/how do we contact our rep?

    I believe it is a 4 pin to 15pin, but I am NOT certain which connector it is on the board, as I haven't bought an adapter yet. Usually, if it fits, it works... Thoughts?

    Douglas, I know you posted awhile ago, but have you managed to get something working? the other option is to replace the flash mlc drive with a bigger one. They aren't as fast as ssd, but i don't think you'll notice the difference.  I have seen 64gb/128 and 256. Another option would be to remove the 4gb chip you have an install a converter from the board input into a separate SATA/Power cable. 

    Let me know how you're going

  • so, I believe, we could use a sata data/power extension cable plug in where the 16gb small slim mSATA is and remove it all together. 

    16gb small slim mSATA

  • Yeders,

    You can do that, use a third party cable, but be aware that that will void your warranty. You could use a standard SATA data cable, and a 17-pin to 4 pin cable. I don't know where to get the power cable, so i'll leave that to other contributors.

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links: