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3290 and specialized USB Devices.

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Our group has recently purchased a number of WES7-3290 thin clients for upgrading and automating part of our mfg environment .   Issue is many of device USB drivers work in WindowsXP and Windows 7 they don't seem to work correctly in WES7.  Such as the drivers for this Sartorius Quintix balance scale and  ST Electronics Virtual Com port driver for attaching to serial devices. The drivers either fail to install properly, or appear to install ok, then fail to work when t he device is attached, leave a 'splat" error in device manager.

Is USB support reduced in WES7 as opposed to Windows 7?

I've tried starting a support case for the question, but the 3290s have no service tag numbers to enter and the serial numbers are not recognized by Dell support to allow me to continue ???

Any assistance appreciated!  


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