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Licensing for D90D7 using USB Imaging Tool

Licensing for D90D7 using USB Imaging Tool

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I'm currently working on configuring 30 Wyse Thin Clients that need to have the same drivers and software installed. I've been using USB Imaging Tool and have found it to work well to image one after I have done all the changes needed and then push the image onto other machines. The only question I have is about licensing. I want to make sure I'm doing this legally and not going to have issues with Keys and Licensing from Windows, so ultimately my question is that do all of the Wyse clients have the same OEM key or licensing information, just as if we were to clone images with the Microsoft Volume program? 

Thank you,

Jon McFarland

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  • Jon,

    Don't worry, you are not violating any licensing.

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links:

  • As a general rule if the unit is not licensed for the image you are attempting to install, the installation will simply fail, with a license key error message.  So it's not typically possible to inadvertently violate the license.

    It is slightly more complicated for earlier units of the D90D7 (and Z90D7, X90M7) models, since there was this odd 1st Generation/2nd Generation hardware series situation, where the license key changed between generations.  It is possible to update 1st Generation units so that they will take 2nd Generation image builds, but there are some software hoops to jump through to get the license key updated (the upgrade kit and instructions are on the Wyse DL site).