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New C90LE7 with ELO 1515L-7CWA Touch Screen Monitor

New C90LE7 with ELO 1515L-7CWA Touch Screen Monitor

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New C90LE7 with ELO 1515L-7CWA Touch Screen Monitor

I cannot get our ELO touch screen configured with our new C90LE7. ELO/TYCO/TE Touch Solutions sent me the following:

Thin clients need to have support for our touchscreen built in - you can't just "install" a driver like on a regular Windows system. Embedding device support is complicated, and requires special software and equipment. That's why you want to make sure an embedded product such as a thin client has support already built in.
I can move my finger on the screen and the cursor will move, but it does not move under my finger. It moves in the opposite direction. If I make a clockwise circle, the cursor goes counter clockwise.

Please, let me know how to calibrate the touch screen with the C90LE7. I see other posts all over the web with folks who are having the same problem. I hope I'm just missing something simple.

Thank You

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  • Funny thing, there are no replies. I am having the same exact problem. If someone in Wyse world has a solution I would love to know. The only other information I can give at this point is that our C90LE7 comes with Windows 7 Embedded, but you probably knew that.

  • Update

    Looks like this is an issue that Elo doesn't actually know how to solve. After weeding through their jargon, I found that they really weren't listening to the question.

    I think at this point that the Windows Embedded 7 does not have the capabilities of working with the Elo touchscreens. We are still waiting to hear back from Wyse support on this, and we may end up having to trash the Wyse and go with a full-featured machine with Windows 7.

  • Ok, here is the final word for people who are looking for a solution to this. I was finally able (after a week) to contact a tier 1 Elo person who really knew nothing technical, and stated that this 'may' not work correctly. Since they did not have the definitive word on this I also contacted WYSE who took more than three days to respond to the ticket. The WYSE embedded Windows 7 WILL NOT work with the Elo Touchscreens, for touch capabilities. They are working on drivers for this as of this edit. The ELO will work with full version Windows 7 Pro.

  • Same problem here, but....there is a very simple solution to all this. Just install the normal Elo Windows 7 drivers on a Windows 7 Embedded client, NOT the Windows 7 Embedded drivers!

  • The thing with thin clients is that they'll handle well hardware for which a driver was included in the OS/Build that was installed in factory. In the case of the 1515-7CWA, I suspect the Wyse thinclient is seeing this as a USB mouse device. The problem is that USB HID supposes that the origin of the coordinates X=0 and Y=0 (in a x,y plane of reference) is on the top left hand corner. So X gets bigger as you move away to the right, Y gets bigger as you move down. Now, the touch screen in your monitor is not necessarily made/positioned to follow the USB HID standard. If you had the Elo touch driver installed, then you'd have a calibration routine that would re-arrange the data from the touch screen so that the cursor on the screen moves around correctly i.e. following your finger. Installing the regular driver (not the one from the Embedded OS) if possible is indeed a last resort solution. It may work. I have experience with XP Embedded and Elo touch monitors. Installing the regular XP driver rather than including the XPe component in the project did work but was not very reliable as it was not creating all the necessary dependencies. The simplest thing would be for Wyse to include the Elo driver in their build.