Realtek PCIe GBM Family Controler in Image BZ80_0818_4096 does not work.

Realtek PCIe GBM Family Controller in Image BZ80_0818_4096 does not work behnd the latest routers LINKsys and NETGEAR at least.

I found a Bug in the Realtek driver that comes with teh image, ( I think 7.32), installing the new driver 7.48.823.2011 fixed the issue.

Description of the issue:
I found out that after buying a new Linksys, and Netgear Router my Wyse Z90S7 could not connect to certain Web sites (,, and other 'secure' places)

By 'secure' I mean places that defend themselves form DoS attache by sending [RST,ACK] package after they receive 3 [SYN] requestes from the client without an [ACK]

I looked at the frames and if the Z90S7 was directly connected to the internet, the sequence was correct and it could connect to those places
Z90S7 -> [SYN] -> Server
Server -> [SYN,ACK] -> Z90S7
Z90S7 -> [ACK] -> Server

behind the firewall/router I saw the above from a Windows 2007 with an older Realtek driver, so it worked fine, but I saw the following from the Z90S70.

Z90S7 -> [SYN] -> Server
Server -> [SYN,ACK] -> Z90S7
Z90S7 -> [SYN] -> Server (after 3 seconds)
Server -> [SYN,ACK] -> Z90S7
Z90S7 -> [SYN] -> Server (after 3 seconds)
Server -> [RST,ACK] -> Z90S7

So the server is protecting itself form a DoS attack.

The key here is that the [SYN,ACK] is sent by the router in behalf of the server.
Also if the Z90S7 send another [SYN] instead of the [ACK] is because the package arrives to the NIC, but never make it to the Controler, due to..... a bug, that is why it sends the [SYN] again.

Upgrading the Driver fixes the problem.

Wyse, please update the image for Z90S7, or create a WDM package.


-Francisco Manso