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Deploying configurations

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    I don't have much experience with Wyse thin clients but I've recently bought a few for testing. I have some questions about automatically deploying configurations to the thin clients.

    I've installed Wyse Configuration Manager on a web server and set up a site which points to WES7Config.xml. The config file is configured with the desired timezone, keyboard settings aso..

    The WCM is installed on the thin clients and configured to import configuration remote with the http protocol which points to the web server. The "import configuration on every boot" is also enabled.

    When I restart the thin clients a message appears saying the configurations have been successfully applied but the timezone and keyboard layout is still not correct.

    If I try to import the configurations with WCM I get an error message saying "Unable to download the WES7Config.xml file from specified HTTP repository".

    Anyone got a clue what's wrong?


  • I know this is late, but this thread was also the only search result for this error. Like you I'm new to this config but with some trial and error and looking at the ftp logs, I realised that the path you type into the gui is added to the default/compulsory path of /wyse/WES7 on your ftp server. The file also HAS to be called WES7Config.xml. Therefore the default file location on your ftp server with no path specified will be /wyse/WES7/WES7Config.xml
    It was quite amusing to requests to /wyse/WES7/Wes7/Wes7Config.xml as we troubleshot this poorly documented feature.

  • Many thanks

    Thanks a million absoblogginlutely. Your solution worked out for me. I left the path blank and I was able to successfully bring down the Wes7Config.xml.

  • Thanks for your post, it helps me a lot!Thanks again!




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  • This functionality is related to the Wyse Configuration Manager available for WES7 devices. Go to to get the latest GUI to configure.

  • Just for information  
    On WE8S the correct path on ftp server is : /Wyse/WE8S/

    So if you let path blank, the configuration file must be stored in /Wyse/WE8S/WE8SConfig.xml




  • helpful post, I came up with the same problem, you post help me a lot. thank you.




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