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Citrix Receiver Install on Z90D7

  • Citrix Receiver Install on Z90D7

    We have purchased a Wyse Z90D7 for evaluation with our newly setup Citrix environment. The Z90D7 came with version 3.xx of the Citrix Receiver installed and after configuring it I was able to connect to our host. I tried to update to version 4 of the receiver and can not get it installed/working properly.

    We have never used any type of thin client like this before so its possible something simple has been over looked.

    I have disabled the FBWF file lock and logged on as an admin.

    Another thought is to reload the firmware and use the 3.xx receiver, although Id prefer to use 4.x.


  • I had some success in getting the old Receiver removed, and 4.2 installed, on a Z90D7.  Took some trial and error, and try not to go anywhere near WDM in the process.  This link may be helpful:

  • I manage to uninstall/install any Citrix receiver client on Z90D7.

    At first we had a problem with RAM DISK size.

    We logged on with Admin account, disabled the write filter, restarted, logged on with Admin account. In Control Panel changed the size of RAM Disk to 1024, restarted Wyse and then uninstall/install Receiver. Reboot, login with Admin account, enable Write filter, Reboot.

  • If you need to install the Citrix Receiver manually, please go to and search for article number 10687 for instruction on how to install third party applications on a Windows based thin client.

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links: