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RDP Unknown Publisher Error

  • RDP Unknown Publisher Error

    Hi Everyone,
    New to the terminal and thin client environments.
    I have about 50 z90D7 units deployed.

    Using WCM I configure one with basically the user only have a wallpaper and RDP icon.
    I took an image with WDM and and pushed to all the other clients.
    Everything went perfect.

    Only silly problem I am having is when the user dbl clicks the rdp icon they get the error " The publisher of the remote connection can't be identified"

    I have tried checking the don't ask me again checkbox but it still occurs next time the connect. Which I am sure it is the WriteFilter preventing this.
    I have also tried with the WF off.
    Any ideas?


  • Hi,

    i still have the same problem.

    Your question is from June 2015, so i hope there is a solution.