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Wont push firmware when booting on USB

Wont push firmware when booting on USB

  • QuestionWont push firmware when booting on USB


    I currently experiencing a problem when trying to boot on USB and pushing a firmware. The USB is found by the D90D7 but when choosing the device it says that is goes to GRUB stage 2 but then jumps over it and tries to boot on the harddrive again.

    I´v created the USB with Wyse USB Firmware Tool and image BDB0_0858_8192.rsp´with Windows Embedded Standard 7. When creating the USB everthing goes through and is succesfull according to the GUI. The USB is a 16 GB.

    What I´m doing wrong? Thank you for Reading!

  • Hi,
    I'm also having issues with some D90D7's - I'm using Kingston DataTraveler 32GB sticks, prepared using the USB tool v
    After PULLing the image from a configured unit ready to PUSH it onto some virgin units - when booting from the USB stick, it still wants to PULL!! The one with a default image will PUSH onto a new terminal, but unlike the earlier versions, once PUSHed on, instead of letting you know it's done - it goes back to asking you if you want to proceed for a PUSH again!!
    Please fix this ASAP!!! :-(

  • I am having a similar problem. I have a C50 that I was trying to update the firmware from the FTP server. However, the process was taking a very long time to complete, and just when i thought it had gone through, I get the word GRUB on the screen. Now the C50 won't do anything else. If anyone has a solution to this please share it. Thanks!