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Clean Win7 Embedded install on Z90Q7

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Clean Win7 Embedded install on Z90Q7

Hi all,

Hopefully I haven't missed this when searching, but I couldn't find anything on it..

I need to create a clean install of Win7 Embedded on the Wyse Z90Q7 terminals for roll out, is this possible with a download from microsoft?

Essentially, I don't want all the Dell/Wyse stuff on there, just Windows, drivers and our custom applications.

I then plan to take a snapshot image with SCCM to roll out to all the rest of the terminals.

Is this doable? Or do I HAVE to use the Dell Image?

Also, I've seem a lot of reference to the Dell Wyse USB Firmware Tool 2.0 Beta, which is apparently the only one that can push an image to these devices. Is this the case, and where can I find it? I've searched all the Dell Wyse downloads and not come up with anything?

Thanks in advance


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  • Hi,
    Did you ever get an answer to this?