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The Regpersistence Tool (.exe file) and the D90D7

The Regpersistence Tool (.exe file) and the D90D7

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The Regpersistence Tool (.exe file) and the D90D7

In the document -

Administrators Guide
Wyse® Enhanced
Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard 7 WFR2

It says, on page 26 Chapter 4 -

Preserving Wireless Connections with the Regpersistence Tool
The Regpersistence Tool is designed to configure wireless access in Write Filter Enable
mode. When you configure wireless access with this utility, the authentication credentials
persist across reboots, eliminating the need to re-authenticate each time the client
systems are restarted. The utility preserves the service set identifier (SSID) for wireless
connections across workgroup modes and domains. When thin clients restart, they are
automatically connected to the desired wireless access point.
The Regpersistence Tool (.exe file) can be obtained from the Wyse Support Downloads
Web site. Go to, select
the Regpersistence Tool from the active product download list, and then ....

I cannot find any link to this tool, on the general Wyse sites, in this Forum or on the Web in general.

The version of the document - Issue: 031813 PN: 883920-10 Rev. D

appears to be the latest one. I need this tool to make sure the D90D7 wireless terminals I bought will hold the SSID settings that they were given. Can anyone point me to this tool? Thanks in advance,

the APA IT Team, Gelita.

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