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USB Tool on Z90S7 4GF/2GR

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USB Tool on Z90S7 4GF/2GR

Has anyone successfully pulled an image from a 4GF/2GR model? I get a fail whenever I try. I use a Sandisk Cruzer 8GB with the U3 partition removed. I have created the tool with both 1.13 (no Fail message) and the latest 1.15 (gives a fast "Copy image to USB failed" message within seconds.) Either version would then change the tool into a Push device (even when failed!?!)

I'm trying to pull my custom setup image, not a factory image. I have the logfile, if anyone is interested in seeing that.

BTW, why does the USB Firmware Tool close after creating a flash? What if I want to make several copies or need to change it back to a Pull after every failure?

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  • I have some clarification to add. The USB Tool works when the Z90S7 has the factory image on it. What might I have changed when I customized Win7e to add our device drivers to it? What does the tool interface with in the factory image that it can't find on my image?

  • There was a problem with c1.15. Wyse suggested v1.13 and it worked.

  • I created an image USB successfully. I made a change to Windows and I wanted that change to also be on the USB image. This time 1.13 failed again (with no Fail message,) like it was doing earlier.