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    Anyone know if there's a way to use Windows Remote Assistance to connect to a WES7 thin client? The Remote tab seems to be missing from the System Properties where you would normally enable it on a PC. If I try to connect to it, I just get an error saying that my request failed. But, I can RDP to it just fine. I know these have VNC on them but it would pretty nice to be able to use one tool for remote support regardless of if it's a thin client or full PC I'm trying to connect to.

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    I am wondering the same question. Our help desk currently uses Windows RA for all other machines in the environment. It would be much easier for them and their support role if they could use the same tool to connect to all devices within the walls of the company.

  • Support initially told me that Remote Assistance isn't available under the WES7 SKU they used for these devices, but what from what I read it's available for all WES7 SKU's. So anyway, they're looking into it. For the moment it appears there's not a way out of the box to do it, but maybe they'll come up with something. I'll post if they do.

  • So I got the final word from support that it's not part of their build, but might be at some point in the future. Seems like a no-brainer to put it in there from the start, but I suppose they had their reasons. Disappointing...