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System is running out of memory...

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System is running out of memory...

We're seeing a large quantity or our Z90S7's getting the following error: The system is running our of memory and needs to restart OR The system has run out of available memory. It will reboot shortly. The devices have 2GB RAM and 4GB flash. The only thing we added to the image was flash. We're using the Citrix online plugin for published applications. Other than that, it's pretty much out of the box.

Ideas anyone?

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  • The message is saying that the write filter is full. The write filter will store all changes in a portion of RAM. If this fills up the system must reboot. Usually this isn't an issue because the terminals are only used for remote connections, like RDP or ICA connections. If you are using the units for user interaction, like playing a flash video, then you should increase the WF size or edit the flash player cache to not overrun the size of the WF. There are several articles on the web about Flash and caching problems.

  • Could Try ReadyBoost

    Attach a Flash drive to your Win 7 client and use readyboost to read it as RAM. Haven't tried it but sounds like it could work.

  • proxurve - did you find a solution to this. i am having trouble and WYSE support is unhelpful. Any advice would be much appriciated.

    thank you,

  • The WriteFilter will fill up very quickly if the write filter is disabled. It will create a local cache of every interaction with the registry in hopes of retaining it after a reboot or write filter enable. Just check to make sure the write filter is enabled and you shouldn't normally receive this message.

  • This makes no sense, and is very aggravating.  Is there any chance someone from Dell can give us an actual explanation, and better yet fix the issue?

    The write filter cache in RAM is intended to prevent SYSTEM changes from being written to the flash, so that the system boots from a virgin state every time.  It should NOT be used for every piece of transient data that passes thru the system - streaming video, web pages, etc. - yet that appears to be exactly what is happening.  We can't even get thru a normal day's work on simple published Citrix applications without running out of memory.  And "just reboot" is not a valid option, when it's interrupting work many times a day.

    We've got ten year old IGEL thin clients, with less than 1 GB RAM, that NEVER run out of memory during the course of a day.  What is it about the Wyse clients and/or WES7 that is obviously copying far too much data to the filter cache?

  • Wait a second - this entire thread has been copied from the old Wyse forums from 2011, and presented here as if it's a new topic, dated 2015.

    Of all the sketchy *** I'm seeing from Dell with regard to thin clients, this one's kinda special.  Would it be too much to ask that you not manipulate and misrepresent the legitimate questions and concerns of existing and potential customers?