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Adding Video card to R90LE7 having problems

Adding Video card to R90LE7 having problems

  • QuestionAdding Video card to R90LE7 having problems

    We have some users that need 4 monitors. Currently using 2 USB Video adapters but they aren't exactly getting the job done. We ordered some ATI FirePro 2460 to try and solve the issue.

    I can start up the Thin Client and it recognizes the video card even installs the driver but doesn't seem to display any picture through any ports of the video card. When I go into bios and set the default to the video card. It will show the POST splash screen through the card but seems to get stuck. Hitting any key will show Please Wait at the Bottom Left and nothing will happen.

    Once I take the video card out of the case it will allow me to go into BIOS and change back to internal graphics and will start up and run normal.

    Any suggestions. Did some searching here and online and found little here and there but nothing to get me going.


  • RMW85,
    You may want to take a look at kb 22952 available at . Although the article is for a D90DE7, the requirements and per-requisites are the same. The BIOS on the Video Card CANNOT be UEFI, or the card will not work. You will need to contact AMD for a downgraded BIOS or find a video card that does not use a UEFI BIOS.


    Roger Montalvo 
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  • Thanks for the reply. I tried the step in order to make sure and still locked on the BIOS Splash Screen when I try to set the Graphics Card to be the Primary. I will have to check to see if it has the UEFI Bios or not. Its the same family as the 2270 listed so I wouldn't think so but i'm not 100%.

    Back to the drawing board