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D90D7 Add-on Update Procedure

  • D90D7 Add-on Update Procedure

    I am running 6 D90D7 devices in a test office connecting back to our Citrix VDI-in-a-Box setup using Citrix Receiver. I am having some intermittent issues with the Citrix Receiver, so I want to upgrade to the latest Citrix Receiver install using Wyse Add-on installer called CitrixReceiverStd_4.0.1.4_WES7WFR2WFR3WFR4WFR5.exe . I am already running the latest device firmware called BDB0_0858_8192.exe.

    How do I properly install the Wyse Add-on? I don't have an FTP site and with only 6 devices, I would prefer to do this manually if possible. Can I simply log-in as administrator, disable the write protector and then install the add-on from the exe?



  • You need to install Wyse Device Manager in order to install the add-ons. Go to http://www.wyse.com/products/software/management/WDM for more details on this program. If it's only one unit, you may want to download the Citrix receiver from Citrix and install it using the instructions in knowledge base article# 10687 at www.wyse.com/manuals.



    Roger Montalvo 
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  • Hello, we need the Citrix Receiver 4.3.100 for our WDM Manager. Can you help?

    Regards Drobeck

  • Andreas,

    You can either wait until the packaged is published on the downloads page (I have no ETA) or you can download the file from Citrix and install it using the MSI file or create your own WDM installation package.

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links: