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Problem: Thin Client and Copy/Paste

  • Hello always, my name is Gigi and I'm new member of this forum.

    Nice to meet you everyone.

    I hope that someone can help me! :D

    I'm a Wyse thin client with Linux ebadded and the  host s.o. is Windows 7.

    Two month ago, i saw this problem: when i copy (and paste after) every text , the system, logout and show me the main screen of thin Client; after I log in again and paste the text.

    Every time, out when i copy and i must log in again to paste the text.

    With this problem is very difficoult to work.

    Can we help me please?

    Thenk you very  much


  • Gigi,

    Not all thin clients are alike, so it would help if you include the model and the firmware version installed on it. Most of the time these type of issues is related to down-level firmware. Updated firmware can be downloaded from the link below my signature. If this does not address your issue, please include the model and firmware version to provide you with better guidance.

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links: