Hello. We are using Citrix XD 7.12 and trying to get HTLM5 Video Client redirection to work over https://

Everything Works fine over http://

We are had some issues with Certificates in the beginning but it seams like this is sorted out now, but the thin client will still not play the video over https://. using HTML5 video redirection

The website has these certificates :

And the 3030 LT has installed these certificates:

It looks like the https:// connection is up and running but it will still not play the video, the site just show a blank (white) page.

If we use a Dell-Wyse 7020 with Linux it plays the video over https://.

Is there something else I need to configure to get HTML5 video redirection to work on 3030 LT with ThinOS (every thing is ok on the website (JavaScript from Citrix is deployed) and it plays the video on 7020 and if I initiate the Citrix connection using a laptop.

Please advice.

Best regard Stein Ove