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How to obtain Dell Wyse 3020 Thin / Zero Client support

How to obtain Dell Wyse 3020 Thin / Zero Client support

  • Hello, I've about 150 thin client Dell Wyse 3020 

    I'm trying to get help on this device and download a new firmware that the call center told me I've to install

    The Wyse support told me I've to register on the Wyse self-service portal: I've create a login but when I went to register the serial number, it told me the serial number is a DELL product and not Wyse

    If I went to the DELL portal the service tag told me that there isn't any software or firmware to download

    How can I get some support with this "hybrid" DELL - WYSE devices?

  • Navandrea,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. WTOS thin clients require that you subscribe to Wyse Software Maintenance to be eligible for upgrade of your thin client's firmware. Wyse Software Maintenance allows you access to all firmware via the Self-Service Portal at

    You can contact you local Dell Wyse distributor to purchase the Software Maintenance and you will then have access to the upgraded firmware. You can purchase a 1 year (PN A6819407) or 3-Year (A7023031)


    Roger Montalvo

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  • Hello, we've bought the ThinClient about 1 month ago, with the 5 years Pro Support maintenance plane

    With the ThinClient we've bought the 3 years Wyse Thin OS maintenance plan, for every workstation.

    We've bought directly from DELL as we're as we're a DELL Partner Direct

    So I can't understand what other maintenance I've to buy

    The problem is that DELL doesn't have any firmware and any kind of knowledge of Wyse

    Wyse (on his portal) says that the serial number is a DELL product and doesn't allow to register them

    The italian DELL support doesn't have any kind of knowledge about to address my problem

    I don't know if you can explain to me how to use my Pro Support and Thin OS Maintenance to register my products and have access to the firmware download and support case portal, that finally I think I've the right to have


  • Thank you for the explanation and sorry for the confusion. Here's what you need to do:

    1. Go to the Self-Service Portal FAQ’s at and select #8 for instructions on how to register you software maintenance contract
    2. Once the software maintenance is registered and activated, you should be able to download the firmware files from the Self Service Portal (review item #23 on the FAQ's)
    3. If that does not resolve the problem, send an email to with the following information:

    • Brief description of the problem
    • Contact information
    • Sales order number.


    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links: