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Discovery methods supported and recommended

Discovery methods supported and recommended

  • Hello.

    I would like to review information related to the discovery mechanisms supported and recommended for Wyse clients. At present I'm dealing with 7010 Wyse Enhanced SUSE Linux (Z50D) devices, and from the admin manual I can see this device supports:

    -DNS hostname, CNAME

    -DNS SRV

    -DHCP option tags

    -Manual discovery

    I'm afraid I haven't found detailed information on the DNS hostname or SRV record the device would look for for discovery.

    Also, I understand I could setup an FTP/HTTP server (DHCP option tag 161) for configuration without a strict requirement to deploy WDM (DHCP option tag 186 or 194). Could someone please provide further advice on this?

    For instance, I'm guessing I could just set the 161 DHCP option tag and point to WDM from a INI in the FTP server instead of setting 186/194 DHCP option tags. Is this good practice?


  • MBD-CL,

    this information is available on the Administrators Guide available form and going to Home > 01 - Documentation > 02 - Reference Guides > 01 - Hardware Products > 02 - Wyse Enhanced SUSE Linux Enterprise > Z50D

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links: