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T50 Disconnect after 10 Minutes

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Exclamation T50 Disconnect after 10 Minutes

We have several T50's that are causing use a lot of issues,
After 5-10 minutes of an active rdp Connection it disconnects for the server. The server session its self does not time out and it is only the T50's that have this problem, other wyse devices and direct rdp connections do not have this problem.
Has anyone found this problem before? Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

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  • you sure it's not the copy problem, but people don't copy until about 10 minutes in? Just a thought, I haven't experienced any random disconnects, just the ones associated with copying something in the RDP session.

  • Hi akgreid, Did you patch with latest firmware ? Did you patched with addons "tritons" (because some files improve rdp softwares) ?. Do you use some extras rdp cmdline options to launch rdp connections ? I looked for some information with the command " rdesktop --help "

  • We have 25 Thinclients T50 with this problem. Using a Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services. Try to fit the color depth, but no solution for it.

  • wow really is that true...

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