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T50 & XenApp issues

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T50 & XenApp issues


I currently have a single T50 that I'm testing as a proof of concept before all internet desktops are replaced with thin clients. I have three issues I'm struggling to resolve that don't appear to be well-documented. As I only have one T50 device, I'm performing all configuration directly on the device and I have updated it to the Feb 2012 firmware which I believe contains the v12 ICA client:

1. I need to edit one of the ICA lockdown profile ini files in usr/lib/ICAClient/config/. I'm not a Linux guy, but I've been able to achieve this on the Dell FX130 thin client also in the PoC using "sudo -u root pico filename.ini". Pico doesn't appear to be an option on the T50, and the "edit" command doesn't recognise the MIME type of the ini file. Is there an equivalent command line editor to Pico on the T50?

2. I can't seem to get external USB drives or thumb drives to pass through to a XenApp 6 session. I've enabled the TCX USB virtualizer but that hasn't made a difference. I've also seen there is an option to map drives in the general ICA settings pane, but it didn't seem to let me pick my external drive. Also, wouldn't that restrict the T50 to using THAT specific drive? Basically, my T50 logs in automatically as thinuser and I would like any user of the T50 to be able to plug in any USB drive like they currently can on their desktop PCs.

3. I also can't seem to get webcams working inside the XenApp session. I can see the device in the TCX USB virtualizer, but it just doesn't get recognised in Citrix. I initially thought the problem was with the v11 ICA client on the original T50 firmware, but the Feb 2012 update hasn't made a difference. I've read some other forums where it says to disable the branch-repeater setting in one of the ICAClient ini files, but this brings me neatly back to #1, if that is indeed the solution.

I'd be grateful for any pointers in the right direction! I've already logged a case with Wyse, but it's been open since January and I keep getting told that the issues are being investigated by engineers in the US (I am UK-based).


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    Could you solve the problem ? I have similar issue. I can't redirect the usb devices with TCX when i using ICA. (Rdp works well)