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Wyse T50 XenApp / Receiver configuration issues reg.ini wfclient.ini

Wyse T50 XenApp / Receiver configuration issues reg.ini wfclient.ini

  • Wyse T50 XenApp / Receiver configuration issues reg.ini wfclient.ini


    We've just ordered and received 32 Wyse T50 thinclients, running the 1.018 Merlin firmware package.

    There's a few issues with this device right out of the box!

    It does not save Citrix Reciever settings to wfclient.ini, it gets a permission denied, even though we login as ADMIN etc. according the manual.
    permission denied to write changes to /usr/lib/ICAClient/config/wfclient.ini

    XenApp Session settings are not saved (reg.ini).
    XenApp specific settings are saved in a file called "reg.ini" in location "/home/username/.ICAClient/"
    this location is on TMPFS ! ***!

    tmpfs on /home type tmpfs (rw)

    Why is the device NOT configurable as described in the Admin Userguide?
    Why doesnt the device store certain configuration information permanently?

    and please DON'T come with the "move to WDM" ***!
    The device is being sold as standalone client, so make sure it actually works as a standalone client.

    Terrible terrible way of delivering such a product like this.. .it simply doesnt work as described.

    Im also very very surprised im the first on this forum apparantly, to encounter the "wfclient.ini" permission denied.
    its in the firmware 1.018, we even downloaded and re-deployed/re-flashed it to make sure, but every single device we've bought has this problem!

    how can you bring a product to the market in this kind of state?!

    We've figured out some workarounds for ourselves:

    1, run wfcmgr as/under sudo (custom connection is now: "sudo /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfcmgr")
    2, chmod (change permissions) the files in "/usr/lib/ICAClient/config/"
    3, we copy the reg.ini file back and forth from a permanant storage location (ie: "/usr/lib/ICAClient/config")

    So yeah, im very curious about a few of these things, why they occur, who come nobody else reported it so far and what is Wyse going to do about it!?

    Also the session timeout on this forum is horrible, i had to retype this message 4 times, just cause my session times out before being able to post.

  • The one thing I would suggest first off is to try updating the firmware.

    You'll love this bit - the only way to get firmware newer than 1.018 is by contacting support!
    The latest they've given me so far is 1.022 - PM me if they don't give it to you..

    EDIT: Also, for best coverage of your problem, if you've not already try posting your problem on the 'free wyse monkeys' forum - it's run by several ex-Wyse staff I think who do their best to help.

  • w00t! excellent!

    i've tried mounting the /home folder on non-volatile storage by editing /etc/fstab but no luck, it still removes all user's home folders on reboots.

    I will try and get the 1.022 firmware!
    and yes, also posted on the monkey forum 

    Did you dial a number to get that firmware, cause communication through the forums is slow.

    do you have an FTP site where i can download the firmware?


  • I used their support ticket system - once you've got your devices you can register for support here: support.wyse.com

    Failing that, I'll try and upload it to dropbox for you.