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T50 FormURL parameter not working.

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T50 FormURL parameter not working.

does anyone know the settings for a customized logo for the login box? per the admin guide, it states this must be a .png file 100w x120h. this seems a bit odd, as the size looks more like the file i use in wnos, which is 352w x 80h. also the older versions
I have created one (100x120), and placed in the wlx/bitmap folder, but my thins are not recognizing and still using the default wyse logo.

Any help would be appreciated!

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  • I had this working but then it stopped working after performing a recovery. I do not know why it stopped working and I am curious as to what it could be becuase I didn't change the wlx.ini file at all. Did you provide the code with the URL in double quotes ?

  • The FormURL= has three options, None, Default or Filename. The required file (e.g. image.png) needs to be in the wlx\bitmat. So with all this said, the correct parameter settings would be:
    As for the WNOS parameter comparison, the ini files have the same roots, but they are different trees and the parameters are not consistent or used the same way on both OS's.

  • Thanks I tried that and it works.