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Wyse T50 automaticly power on

  • Wyse T50 automaticly power on


    Is there an option to make the Wyse T50 startup automaticly when the power cord is plugged in.

    I would even consider soldering if that could make this work.

  • I haven't heard that if its possible, but eventually if you come out with something would love to know as well



    cordless vacuum

  • From a powered off state, press the power button and the ‘Delete’ key at the same time.

    Once the Wyse terminal LED next to the power button flashes once, release the power

    Once the BIOS login prompt appears, release the Delete key

    Enter ‘Fireport’ in the password prompt

    Find the ‘Power Management’ setting and define the device as ‘Always On’

    Save and exit from the BIOS