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T50 Firmware upgrade via INI File and FTP

T50 Firmware upgrade via INI File and FTP

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T50 Firmware upgrade via INI File and FTP


I have about 30 t50 devices that do not checkin on wdm, and therefore i cannot push a new firmware image to them, a reboot of the t50 does not cause them to checkin either.

Therefore I would like to set the ini file to inform the t50 to upgrade its firmware via ftp, i have downloaded the addons file and it has the file wyse-ubnt-img-upgrade_1.0.0-1.028_armel.deb within, can someone please advise what settings i need to set on my ini file to get this working?



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  • I've got the same concern. I'd like to be able to upgrade the firmware on my T50 units from 1.027 to 1.028 firmware. I tried over WDM but they're in another state and something went wrong but I could not tell what, so I'd like to try updating it over FTP.

    The release notes for U-1.028 have this rather uninformative section:
    When upgrading, use the FTP option/process to upgrade to build 28."

    The most recent Administrator's guide that's posted is named "Wyse_Enhanced_Ubuntu_Linux_Admin_Guide_FEB2012.pd f". That doesn't appear to have a section on upgrading, nor does it have any info on what file goes where on the ftp site for doing a firmware upgrade.

    The 1.028 file named "20120203-0_U-1.28_T50_merlin.exe" doesn't have any instructions inside it, so I'm hoping somebody can explain how to deploy it w/o WDM.

  • OK I figured it out with the help of my Dell SE and the FreeWyseMonkeys forum.
    The manual is actually not correct. It says to use this parameter with this explanation of how it is supposed to work:
    (Page 14)
    AutoInstallPackagesUrl="url dir1 dir2" Used for auto installing packages from a url (ftp or http/
    https) where packages reside, without the need of
    establishing an APT repository.
    How to use:
    1 - Provide an ftp or http/https url as the value for "url
    dir1 dir2" in the INI file.
    For example: AutoInstallPackagesUrl="ftp://
    10.100.xxx.xxx dir1-name dir2-name"
    a) the url should be within double quotes ""
    b) the "ftp" can be replaced by "http/https"
    c) the dir1_name is the name of directory under the
    base directory of ftp server or http/https server
    d) the dir2_name (optional) is the name of directory
    under dir1_name. More subdirectories are acceptable
    The actual parameter format that works is
    So an example would be

    I had to extract the file "wyse-ubnt-img-upgrade_1.0.0-1.028_armel.deb" found in this file: addons-1.028-t50.zip
    I then put it into the addons directory and added this line to my ini file:
    The next time the unit boots, it shows a triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle while it is downloading the file. It then tells the user about the upgrade with an OK prompt of some sort and when the user clicks OK it reboots and starts doing the firmware update.

    Another thing I found is that if you're already at version 1.028, it will ignore the line to install the update that would take it to the same version. To verify the process, I had to downgrade a unit first to the 1.018 version, then tell it to do the ftp update via the NewAddons line in the ini file.