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Slow performance with T50

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Question Slow performance with T50


We have new T50 with 24" DELL monitor running RDP session on 2008 R2 ( 4CPU, 8 Go of RAM 15 users)
We use screen resolution of 1600x1024
After connecting to the session, we launch a sage Application (Batigest).
Wih a session from a Windows Computer (1280*1024 full screen), the application logon form appears after 3-4 seconds.
But from a wyse session, this logon screen appears after 20-30 seconds !!!

If we reduce the wyse resolution to 800*600, we decrease this time to 10 seconds....
But this is not a solution, just a bypass !

We use the latest firmware 1.37.
Anyone has encountered this problem ?

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  • Add-on comment

    If we launch an RDP session in the Wyse RDP session, it's work fine.
    So, i'm thinking that the problem comes with the Wyse RDP protocol !

  • How good is the performance with MS Office apps?
    We've noticed what I term as being poor performance on day-to-day tasks such as Excel data entries, which has been ongoing since we started on version 1.18.

    Wyse/Dell have been very unhelpful in troubleshooting, mainly claiming that we are the only customer having experienced this.

    We found if you use rdesktop through the terminal, it seems to be quicker - so I agree with your suspicion that the Wyse RDP protocol has issues.

  • For MS Office, it seems to work normaly..
    We found a workaround to this problem.
    We have made a custom shortcut like this :
    rdesktop -f --disable-composition --disable-nla --disable-glyph --disable-offscreen-cache -k fr-fr --disable-remotefx X.W.X.Y.Z
    But we need to complete this in order to import USB slot...

  • After some test, the good command line with USB, SDCARD import and Audio is :

    rdesktop -f --disable-offscreen-cache -r sound:local -r disk:wyse=/auto -k fr-fr @IP@

    -k is for french Keyboard
    @IP@ is the IP address of RDS Server

  • I know I'm reviving a very old/dead thread.

    Can you tell me how you create a shortcut on a wyse term (ubuntu thin os)?

    We are having slow RDP problems.