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Smart Card Reader within a WYSE environment

Smart Card Reader within a WYSE environment

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I am having an issue with a Gemalto smart card reader. The device is displayed within device manager but will not appear in the Gemalto Toolbox software.

The device has been added in the TCX Configuration Suite.

When using RDP, the card reader is brought through and displays in Toolbox without any issues. When plugging the reader in to a WYSE terminal, you can select "Proceed" to the WYSE prompt but you cannot view the device within the toolbox software. You can still see the device within Device Manager.

I would appreciate any help I can get with this.

Many thanks,


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  • DBridgland,

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but it would help us provide you an accurate answer if you please include the model of the thin client, the OS installed on it and the version of the OS.

    Roger Montalvo

    Here are some helpful links:

  • I am seeing the same problem

    Gemalto Ezio Shield STD

    Dell Wyse D10D

    Windows 2008R2 RDS

    TCX Suite

    I have the following in the wnos.ini

    Device=vusb ForceRedirect=0x08E6,0x34C0,0x03,0x01,0x01


    The Reader is listed in Device manager but not visbile in the Gemalto Classic Client toolbox.


    Any Ideas?