TCX Rich Sound issue

Good evening all,

Vmware View 4.6 , C10le latest WTOS and running latest version of TCX
Windows XP SP3 Virtual desktop

Having an issue where the Rich Sound redirection still occurs for useless applications/.exes in the system. For example , we have system sounds turned off completely on the Virtual desktop for optimal performance yet mspaint.exe, msconfig.exe, acrord32.exe ( adobe reader) still creates TCX Rich sound redirection? ??. We have noted a lot of .exes still redirecting Rich sound requests back to the Wyse units. Is this normal? These are uselesss network packets back to the wyse terminal , we had issues with certain users so we had to exclude iexplore.exe in the Exclusion list of Rich sound under the TCX management console
What gives?
By disabling all these .exes we have noted a huge difference in performance on the VMS ( makes sense if you think about it) I can almost gurantee this exists on Terminal server as well and could be the cause for alot of users griefs.. is there a "master listing" of .exes you should be excluding ?