C50LE and TCX Suite 4 - problems with video acceleration

Hello forum.

I have a problems with TCX Suite 4.1 and video rederection. We are using C50LE (suse Linux) with latest firmware image and plugins (novell-aac-0.10.6-1.31.35+1.sletc11sp1.rpm; gst_mmr_mpeg2_plugin-0.10.13-1.sletc11sp1.rpm) installed.

I am unable to watch any video file - quality is poor. It looks like TCX Multomedia/Video redirection do not works at all. Abode Flash can be palyed, and I can see "W" label on top of flash video, but quality is very bad.

So I would like to ask - do C50LE (Linux) have any video acceleration functions at all?

If I try to play video then I am connected to same RDS server using C10LE (WNOS) then video quality is just perfect and I can see that C10LE are using MMR protocol (video over TCX).