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Wyse T50 ICA TCX not working

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Unhappy Wyse T50 ICA TCX not working

Hello Dear Forum Members!

We have a big problem with with XenApp & Wyse T50 implementations.
Some USB devices (HID devices) can't redirect with the XenApp so we would like to use TCX.

We tried the TCX with RDP and works well but if we setup ICA connections not working.

Anybody know how can I enable TCX on the ICA sessions ?


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  • I think you need to add few parameters to INI file.

    Something similar to this:
    Device=vusb ForceRedirect=0x08E6,0x5503,0x03,0x01,0x01

    08E6 is the vendor ID and 5503 is the product ID of the Device

  • Please try similar to this I am not sure whether it works for XenDesktop or XenApp.

    ICAAllowUSB=vid=05a6 pid=0901