Can I limit TCX to only a few TC's on a single session host?

We are a small(ish) shop running on a single 2008 R2 session host with 80 or so C10LE's. I have a small handful of users who need some multimedia capabilities so naturally TCX comes to mind.

Given that we only have a single session host and only a few of the TC's need TCX's capabilities at this point, is it possible for me to get, say, five TCX licenses, install the TCX software on my session host, and choose somehow which TC's are able to use it? I can see that as a good starting point for us to use TCX where we need it without the cost of licensing every TC, or a separate session host, or the processing overhead of TCX on every session.

Is this fairly easy to do? We do have WDM Workgroup on a separate VM if that helps.