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Probleme with USB key in Wyse V10L

Probleme with USB key in Wyse V10L

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Probleme with USB key in Wyse V10L


First i am sorry for my english but i am french.

We currently have 3 ESX 4.0U2 and 4.6 server view.
We have 100 Vm XP updated with the following TCX install version
Our wyse are version 7.1.207.
This architecture all works perfectly.

We are currently testing the transition to Windows 7 VMs on 1 server esx 5.1 and 4.7 view. VM on W7 USB key does not work. the TCX suite does not work. The WYSE 7.1.207, the TCX suite

I installed vmware tools by enabling the USB port redirection.

I cThere is there any compatibility issues in versions?

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  • You may want to verify in the TCX Admin guide if TCX USB redirection is required for Windows 7. I think Windows 7 supports it natively.

  • YES TCX USB is supported in Windows 7 over VMview 5.0.
    could you please provide more information like what device is been used for USB redirection and which flavour of windows 7 you are currently using?

  • Thank for your answers.
    We use V10L et T10L. We want just connect USB Key, kingston datatraveler G3 8 Go.
    Windows Seven is up to date! 
    The firewall in VM is down.

    I am write an error we are in view 5.1 not 4.7.

  • Hello everyone,
    Master Win7 is identical in infrastructure View 4 and View 5, only versions of VMWARE TOOLS, VIEW AGENTS and TCX Suite differ, the Wyse V10L have the same firmware and this firmware is up to date.
    After more testing, I found that with VMWARE VIEW Client RDP or PCOIP USB drives are emulated in the VM. But not when I connect with a WYSE.
    Thank you for your help

  • Hello,
    We find the solution. In view 4.6 of the Vm communicated directly with the wyse. With 5.1 flows were encapsulated in SSL which blocked the TCX suite.

    good day